N.L.P is the unrivalled Australian swim category leader.

A decade of ambitious work has firmly established creative director Nikki Penny as a maverick of contemporary fashion design. Recognised for her neo-noir aesthetic and her masculine vs. feminine agenda, Penny’s impressive use of neoprene as a transformative medium has single-handedly
recast the swimwear dialogue.

A futuristic subplot dominates the collections, an unlikely tone for a romantic at heart but one entirely reflective of Penny’s streamlined visual language. Armour-like pieces in black and neon brights give way to a contouring of the figure, a balance of form and proportion, the central underpinnings of the brand.

In only its fourth season, there is again a deliberate urban emphasis and fabric innovation focus. Working within the narrowed field of swimwear, the Australian designer has become renowned for her experimentation in neoprene, lycra, mesh and bonded textiles to create the arresting lines of these immutable suits.

Unquestionably, Penny’s swimsuit line is revolutionary and testament to her obsessive pursuit of a feminine ideal.